If you want to have normal healthy cycles, then avoid hormonal drugs altogether and use natural means to avoid pregnancy like fertility awareness and condoms for example. You might be more comfortable with quitting if you knew there is a effective natural alternative; fertility awareness methods can be used to avoid pregnancy and also serves as a health record and diagnosic tool in case your fertility does not return on its own. And then I spent the day crying. Depo stopped my periods and the migraines. My doctor injected me and told me i might gain some weight.
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Btw I was on depo for six years. It has me worried that it can be something else? Danielle, your comment illustrates how little most doctors understand about the endocrinology of the menstrual cycle and the effects of unopposed estrogen, which is what you are experiencing. My normal doctor recommended I come off the depo and use a mirena coil instead. If you decide to quit depo, then it will be a long haul to regain your healthy fertility cycles, but ultimately better for you because ovulation is beneficial for many reasons and suppressing it is not the best way to spend a whole adulthood. If you have stretchy cervical mucus it means not only high estrogen but low progesterone levels. I thought that maybe it was the uptake of it.
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I believe that if women were given the kind of information included in this post, many fewer of them would agree to take this drug. I have stomach pains and cramps. So, took a few pregnancy tests and they are coming back as faint positives. Doctors need to respect this as a difficult form of physical withdrawal, literally waiting game for hormones to balance on their own, and the info needs to be shared so that patients make an informed decision before they start taking it. In spite of all the talk of side effects here, most women do recover from hormonal drugs over time, and quicker with a healthy diet and lifestyle. But the shot has definitely screwed my entire body up big time and I pray I can reverse that….
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Certain foods may irritate the gut — for example high intakes of fibre, fat, protein or fructose. Contribution amateur photo. My spotting never stopped for over a year but 3 months adter my last shot my spotting stopped and 1wk after that,my menstruation came back and stopped after 7days and after that,it never came back again.. Treating someone w depo for endo is medically justifiable, but its a far too invasive endocrine disrupter to be used as any other option on the birth control menu. Assuming you absolutely loathe the taste of cooked kale and require all your veggies to be in pristine, raw form, pick up a digestive supplement like Beano that's specifically designed for this problem. Its been almost 8 months. When that happened I had cycles every days and they were heavy and painful.
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